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Thanks for stopping by Fractional CTO Advantage. I'm Joe Scharf and have been working with many early to mid stage technology startups in a fractional CTO or tech leadership capacity for over 15 years. In this blog I discuss fractional CTO topics and my experiences working with various startups in a technical leadership capacity.

Fractional CTO Consulting

I typically work for early stage startups, helping them go from "zero to one" and avoid costly mistakes. If you are a startup looking for experienced part-time technical leadership, you can email contact@fcto.io to get in touch. I also work with a group of fractional CTOs and have partnerships with several product and development agencies and practitioners that I can leverage based on your needs.

Services Offered

  • Founder and CxO advisory and coaching services
  • Defining business vision, strategy, and roadmap
  • Recruiting software engineers
  • Building and scaling engineering department, teams, and processes from zero developers and beyond
  • Engineering and product management

My Projects

In addition, I'm an active full stack developer and builder. While I typically don't recommend having your fractional CTO write code, I stay current with technology and development and am very comfortable discussing, evaluating, and solving technical problems. Some projects and apps I've been working on:

  • DBSnapper - Sanitized Database Snapshots for faster development
  • SupMonster - Email suppression list and customer refund management tools for customer support teams

Other places you can find me on the internet: